n February 1947, a group met at the home of Mildred & Sam Bissett to discuss establishing a Presbyterian church in Lutz, and select a name. "Tims Memorial Presbyterian Church" was chosen to honor the Rev. Dr. John C. Tims, late pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Tampa. They petitioned St. Johns Presbytery to organize, and on March 23, 1947, Tims Memorial Presbyterian was officially recognized with 35 members. Since then Tims Church has been committed to fulfilling Christ's call to "Go, & make disciples". Today, 60+ years later, we believe that this is not only "our" mission, but the mission of the Church at large around the world. 

We are called and empowered to:

Reach up to God and out to the community

Teach from the Bible while growing and learning from Jesus

Serve God and the world