• JODY MCKEWEN - Senior Pastor

    Pastor Jody was born and raised in Corinth, Mississippi to Joe and Doris McKewen, a photographer and his favorite model. He graduated from both Ole Miss and Memphis Theological Seminary. He is married to Gaylene and they have 4 children, Ian, Kevin, Chelsey, and Krista. He loves to sing and play music and has been known to sing an Elvis song a time or two. CLICK HERE to hear a sample of his music. He is totally in love with Christ and knows what it means to be forgiven. His mission in life is to tell everyone that God loves you, just as you are! Email him at


    Adam is a person of faith. His life and faith fully revolve around the person of Jesus Christ. I believe that each person should seek out truth on their own and see for themselves what Jesus Himself has taught. The bottom line for me is that I believe in the Amazing Grace that God's love for the world is so huge that He sent Jesus to teach us all and show us that Grace. I follow Him not because of heritage or obligation, but from a heart that overflows with gratitude for the forgiveness of my sins and the restoration He made possible. Email Adam at

  • kelly moseley - ADMINISTRATOR

    Kelly is  a seasoned professional with experience in Customer Service, Accounting, Management, Executive Administration Support, and Marketing, Kelly considers herself a daughter of the one true King and is very passionate about her faith. Email Kelly at

  • ALINE GIAMPIETRO - Choir director

    Aline is a professional performing artist and music pedagogue with thirteen years of experience as a director of music, collaborative pianist and music coach. She maintains a personal relationship with God and is a strong believer that music is very powerful in connecting people with His kingdom. She is hHighly creative and passionate about sharing music through teaching and performing. Email Aline at

  • Danielle Volinsky - Preschool director

    Danielle is a Florida native and graduate of the University of Central Florida. Danielle brings her passion for children to Tims Preschool. She is energetic and completely devoted to making sure that children are not just taught the basics of education, but grow closer to the Lord as well. Email Danielle at